Jun 7, 2014

Resistance Color Code and Resistance Calculation


Resistors are offered in a variety of different resistance value from fraction of Ohms (Ω) to millions of Ohm. The resistance values, tolerance, and power rating are usually written on top of the body of resistors as nos. or letters while the resistors body is vast adequate to read the print, such as high power resistors.
The resistor color code marks are at all times read one band at a stretch beginning from the left to right, with the bigger width tolerance band concerned with the right side representing its tolerance. By corresponding the color of the 1st band with its related number in the numeral column of the color chart under the first digit is recognized and this denotes the first digit of the resistance value.

Another time, by matching the color of the 2nd band with its related number in the numeral (digit) column of the color graph table we get the following digit of the resistance value and so on.

Resistors color code

The resistance of the resistors and its tolerance are noticeable on the body of the resistors with colour code bands that indicates the resistance values.
There are 3 types of color codes:
  • 4-bands: digit, digit, multiplier, tolerance.
  • 5-bands: digit, digit, digit, multiplier, tolerance.
  • 6-bands: digit, digit, digit, multiplier, tolerance, temperature coefficient. 

Resistance calculation of 4 bands resistor:

R = (10×digit1+digit2) × multiplier.
Resistance calculation of 5 or 6 bands resistor:
R = (100×digit1+10×digit2+digit3) × multiplier.

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