Jul 26, 2014

Factors to be considered for electrical machine design

The basic elements of all magnetic attraction equipment are the field and coil winding supported by dielectric or insulation, cooling system and mechanical components. Therefore, the factors for thought within the designs are;

Magnetic circuit or the flux path:

ought to establish needed quantity of flux exploitation minimum mmf. The core losses ought to be less. 

Electric circuit or windings:

ought to guarantee needed voltage is evoked with no quality in winding arrangement. The copper losses ought to be less.


ought to guarantee bother free separation of machine components operative at completely different potential and confine this within the prescribed ways.

Cooling system or ventilation:

Must sure that the machine operates at the required temperature.

Machine parts:

Must be sturdy.

The art of prosperous design lies not solely in partitioning the conflict for area between iron, copper, insulation and fluid however additionally in improvement of price of producing, and operative and maintenance charges.
The factors, except for the on top of, that needs thought are
  • Limitation in design (saturation, current density, insulation, temperature rise etc.,)
  • Customer’s desires
  • National and international standards
  • Convenience in line and transportation
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Environmental conditions etc.

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