Sep 8, 2014

Laws of Magnetism

There are two ultimate laws of magnetism that are as follows:

First Law

It conditions that ‘Like Magnetic poles repel and dissimilar poles attract each other’.
This was already discussed in the previous post Magnet and its properties.

Second Law

This rule is experimentally showed by researcher coulomb and hence also known as coulomb’s law.

The force (F) put forth by one pole on the additional pole is,
  • directly proportional to the product of the pole fortes,
  • inversely proportional to the square of the distance in the middle of them and
  • nature of medium contiguous the poles.
This law can be expressed in mathematically as,
                                     F [(M1xM2)/d2]
Where M1 and M2 are pole strengths of the poles,
while d is distance between the poles.
                                  ∴ F = [(K M1 M2) / d2]
Where K depends on the nature of the surroundings and called permeability.


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