Feb 9, 2013

Basics Of Wind Energy Technology

A wind electric generator transforms the kinetic energy accessible in airstream to electrical power by using gearbox, rotor and Stator. The wind turbines erected and commissioned till now in the state are essentially of the static pitch ‘stall’ controlled design. On the other hand, the trend of modern installations is stirring towards superior aerodynamic design; with the usage of lighter and longer blades; escalation in towers height; uninterrupted drive; and adjustable speed gearless action using progressive power electronics. Wind Turbines at its operation do not put away reactive power with the help of power electronics. This is a positive factor headed for maintaining the power factor at unity in the normally weaken grid networks.
State-of-the-art technologies are now available in the country for the manufacture of wind turbines. The unit capacity of machines is going up from 5-220 kW in the initial projects in the olden days to 6000 kW. Wind turbines are being manufactured by 12 indigenous manufacturers, mainly through joint ventures or under licensed production agreements.  A few foreign companies have also set up their subsidiaries in India. Which some companies are now manufacturing wind turbines without any foreign collaboration. The current annual production capacity of domestic wind turbine industry is about 2000 MW. The technology is continuously increasing, keeping in view global developments in this area.

The progress of phased indignation by leading manufacturers of wind electric generators up to 500 KW has led to 80% indignation level. Import content is high in higher capacity machines, since vendor development of higher capacity machines will take some time. The industry has taken up indigenized production of blades and other critical components. Efforts are also being made to indigenized gearboxes and controllers. Wind turbines and wind turbine components are exported to the US, Australia, and Asian countries. The wind industry in the country is expected to become a net foreign exchange earner by 2012.


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