Apr 30, 2013

Solar panels for Todays Modern World

One of the major problems with solar power is collecting the power from the sun and at the same time having the solar panels is good-looking to the eyes of the people in the opposite direction you. You have most likely seen solar houses in your community with five or six solar Panels reflecting the sun. Though this is the wave of the future, it is not at this time pretty to the eye of most clients. These homeowners put their solar panels either on the rooftop or in the courtyard and to the casual non technologically-oriented person this looks messy and takes away from the beauty of vicinity.

There is new technology that allows the solar power user to set their solar panels up in a way that is artistically good-looking, and at the same time gives greater opportunities to collect sunlight. These designs have been put in place to serve dual purposes. They not only enhance the look of a house, but also give the owner a chance to use his solar panels as cover for other things. Solar panels can be set up in a variety of ways as long as they are angled at the sun and collect the optimal amount of energy that is emitted in that area of the house.

These new designs have combined old-style house extension lead with a groundbreaking new concept that allows the solar panel to act both as a part of the house and at the same time collects energy. One such design looks like a carport from the outside. The solar panels are set up so that they extend from the house above the car parking area. The driver of the car can park his car underneath the solar panels and they, in turn, give the car protection from the elements. Snow and rain cannot hit the car and the solid construction of the solar panels helps them support themselves even under the weight of snow. These solar panels have a heating system that goes throughout them. The heat will melt any dampness such as snow or ice so that the sun can get through to the solar panels no matter what the weather.

Some designs have solar panels sloped gently from the second story of the house to provide an area for which a person could put a garden box or flowers and have some protection from the sun during inclement weather. Other systems include panels that will come out during sunrise and can be drawback when the sun goes down.
Another technology advance allows a greenhouse to use only solar power. This will allow the heat to be surrounded inside the greenhouse initiating the plants to flourish. At the same time the sun collected above the greenhouse can be reflected down to the plants to give them the solar energy they need to life. This solar panel can only collect so much energy within each cell then the enduring sunlight would go to the plants. The added benefit is that the installation of these solar panels will cause the moistness to be collected inside the hot house and allow for the house to be warmer when the weather cools down. All this put together does not take away from the idea that the house is getting renewable energy that cost nothing except for the setup of the solar panels in the first place.

Check out the Internet for the new designs of solar panels. These solar panels are becoming more attractive than is appealingly good-looking to the eye because they are becoming more efficient to help you save money and to be less dependent on fossil fuels.


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