Oct 13, 2013

Classification of Relays


Classifications of Relays are dividing into six purposeful categories:

Protective relays

Find defective lines, defective equipment, or alternative dangerous or intolerable conditions. These relays typically trip one or a lot of electrical fuse, however can also be accustomed sound associate alarm.

Monitoring relays

Verify conditions on the ability system or within the protection system. These relays embody fault detectors, alarm units, channel- watching relays, synchronize verification, and network phasing. Power grid conditions that don't involve gap circuit breakers throughout faults are monitored by verification relays.

Re-closing relays

Establish a closing sequence for an electrical fuse following tripping by protecting relays.

Regulating relays

area unit activated once associate operative parameter deviates from planned limits. Control relays operate through supplementary instrumentation to revive the amount to the prescribed limits.

Auxiliary relays

Operate in response to the opening or closing of the operative circuit to supplement another relay or device. These embody timers, contact-multiplier relays, protection units, analytic relays, opposition relays, closing relays, and trip relays.


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