Dec 8, 2013

Incandescent or filament lamps

Filament Lamp


Once an electrical current is passed a fine copper wire, heat is created the temperature of the wire will increase. At low temperatures, the wire emits heat, likewise because the temperature of the wire is exaggerated by heating it, it radiates heat likewise as light energy. The greater the temperature of the wire, higher is that the quantity of light energy radiated.


The incandescent of filament kind lamp comprises of glass globe fully exhausted and a fine wire called filament with in it. The glass globe is exhausted to forestall reaction of the filament and conjointly to forestall the temperature being down.

Quality of the substantial to be used for filament:

High temperature
Low pressure
High resistance
Low temperature constant
Ductile and really robust to resist vibrations throughout traditional use.

Constituents used for filaments


Now day’s metallic element is that the most ordinarily used metal for filament. 


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