Jan 1, 2014

Properties and Types of Conductors


What is called Conductor?

The wire that transmits current from the availability purpose to the load is named conductors. The resources is operated by victimization this is named load.
Eg: TV, Fridge, Grinder, Heater, Lightings, etc.

Generally all types of metals are used for conducting purpose; some metals allow simply permitting this current flow through it. This sort of metal is named “Good  Conductors”. 

Properties of Conductors

  • To conduct current simply.
  • Would have less resistance.
  • Would have high tensile stress.
  • More Elasticity.
  • It will not have an effect on the corrosion owing to air or not affects by rain, heat.
  • When a current is passing through the conductor, it'll get heated. So it's not littered with heat.
  • Easy to bonding.
  • Cost is low and is definitely to shop for it.

Types of Conductors

Conductors are categorized into 3 sorts relying upon the conducting property with low resistance. They are solid, Liquid and vapor conductors. 

Solid Conductors

Silver, copper, Brass, Aluminum, Tungsten, Nichrome, metallic element Iron are known as sensible conductors. They are rehabilitated into skinny wire and skinny rod or strap for the aim of physical phenomenon. We’ve got to review regarding the metal that is employed for physical phenomenon and wherever there's used. 

Liquid Conductors

The conductors within the style of liquids are known as Liquid conductors. Mercury, Mercury acid, nitrate are a number of the liquid conductors employed in batteries. Mercury is employed in high power vapor lamps and automatic circuit breakers.

Gas Conductors

Insulator is Non-conducting material i.e, it resist electricity. it's high resistance worth, usually in Mega Ohms.


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  1. Of all the materials, the top three are silver, copper, and aluminum. Silver is considered to be the best conductor of electricity, but for economic reasons, it is not widely used. It is only used for special equipment such as satellites. Copper, although not superior to silver, also has high conductivity. Many materials are used to transmit electrical energy, but the most common types of conductors are copper, copper-clad steel, high-strength copper alloys, and aluminum.
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