Jan 2, 2014

Properties and Types of Insulators


What is an Insulator?

An insulator is a solid material whose inner electric charge does not drift freely, and therefore which does not conduct current under the impact of an electric field. Insulators are non-conducting materials. I.e. it resists electricity. It has great resistance value, usually in Mega ohms.

Properties of insulators

  • It has large resistance and specific resistance.
  • Large di-electric strength.
  • High Mechanical strength
  • Resisting high temperature.
  • May not get change in nature due to temperature.
  • It should not absorb water
  • Can be made to any shape.
  • Cannot get fire simply. 

Classification of Insulators

In general Insulators are categorized into three types: They are:
Hard Insulators – e.g. Back lite, porcelain, Wooden Plank, Glass, Mica, Ebonite.
Soft Insulators – e.g. Rubber, Poly-vinyl chloride, varnish coated papers, Micanite.
Liquid Insulators – e.g. Mineral oil, Shellac, Varnish. 


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