Jul 29, 2014

Limitations of Electrical Machine Design

The materials used for the machine and others like cooling etc., carry out a limitation in design. The constraints stem from saturation of iron, current density in conductors, temperature, insulation, mechanical properties, efficiency, power factor etc.

  • Saturation: Higher denseness decreases the degree of iron however drives the iron to work on the far side knee of the magnetization curve or within the area of saturation. Saturation of iron poses a limitation on account of magnified core loss and excessive excitation needed to ascertain a desired value of flux. It conjointly introduces harmonics.
  • Current density: Greater current density diminishes the volume of copper however will increase the losses and temperature.
  • Temperature: postures a limitation on account of doable harm to insulation and different materials.
  • Insulation (which is each automatically and electrically weak): postures a limitation on account of breakdown by too much voltage gradient, mechanical forces or heat.
  • Mechanical strength of the materials poses a limitation significantly just in case of huge and extraordinary speediness machines.
  • High proficiency and high power issue poses a limitation on account of upper capital cost. (A low worth of efficiency and power issue on the opposite hand leads to a high maintenance cost.
  • Mechanical Commutation in dc motors or generators ends up in poor commutation. 
Excluding the on top of factors shopper, manufacturer or general specifications could cause a limitation.


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