Aug 21, 2014

Core Type Transformer

Core type transformer
The overall arrangement of the core-type transformer with regard to the core is shown below. Each low-tension (LV) and high voltage (HV) windings are also shown. In core type transformers windings are tubular former wound, mounted on the core limbs. Such a kind of transformer is often applicable for little sized and huge sized transformers. Within the tiny sized sort, the core is going to be rectangular in form and therefore the coils used are cylindrical.

The cylindrical coils have totally different layers and every layer is insulated from one another. Materials like paper, cloth, mica or mineral are often used for insulation. Low voltage windings are placed nearer to the core, as they're easier to insulate.

You’ll see that the cylindrical coils are wound in such some way on match over a symmetrical core section. Within the case of circular cylindrical coils, it is more advantage of getting good mechanical strength. In core type constructions, one half of every winding are enclosed around each leg limb of the transformers magnetic circuit i.e. magnetic lines of flux also shown in the figure.

Lamination of Core Type Transformer

Lamination of core type transformer

In Core type transformer lamination's are typically arranged to each other to create an overlapping joint with extra laminations pair being additional to make up the accurate core thickness. This stacking of the lamination's also provides the transformer the advantage of condensed flux leakage and iron loss.


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