Aug 15, 2014

DC Machine Specification

 DC Machine Specification 

Output Power:      KW (for generators),
                   KW or HP (for motors)

Voltage:           V volt.

Speed:             N rpm.

Rating:            Continuous or Short time.

Temperature rise:  00C for an ambient temperature of 400C.

Cooling:           Natural or forced cooling.

Type:              Generator or motor, separately excited or
                   self-excited-shunt, series,or compound.

If compound then,
Type of connection –    long or short shunt,
Type of compounding –   cumulative or differential,
Degree of compounding – over, under or level.  
With or without inter poles, with or without compensating
windings, with or without  equalizer rings in case of lap

Voltage regulation: Range and method (in case of generators).

Speed control:     Range and method of control (in case of motors)

Efficiency:        Should be as for as possible high (As the
efficiency increases, cost of the machine also increases).

Type of enclosure: Based on the field of application –
totally enclosed, screen protected, drip proof, flame proof,

And finally Size of the machine etc.,


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