Sep 7, 2014

Magnet and its properties

Properties of magnet
Magnet is nothing but a portion of firm body that retains property of attracting iron and a few different metal items.

i) Once such a magnet is revolved into iron items it'll be determined that irons items take hold it as shown in Fig.
The extreme iron items accumulate at the 2 ends of the magnet whereas only a few accumulate at the center of the magnet.
The points at that the iron items accumulate most are referred to as Poles of the magnet whereas fanciful line change of integrity these poles is termed Axis of the magnet.
ii) Once such magnet is deferred freely by a chunk of silk fiber, it turns and perpetually adjusts itself in the direction of North and South of the earth.

The pole that regulates itself within the direction of North is termed North seeking or North (N) pole, whereas the pole that points within the direction of South is termed South seeking or South (S) pole. Such freely suspended magnet is shown within the Fig.

properties of magnet
This is the possessions as a result of that it's utilized in the compass needle that is employed by navigators to seek out the directions.

iii) Once a magnet is positioned close to associate iron or steel piece, its property of magnetism gets transferred to iron or steel piece. Such transferal of property of attraction is additionally attainable by really rubbing the pole of magnet on associate Iron or steel piece. Such possessions are termed magnetic induction.

Magnetic induction: The development as a result of that a magnet will induce magnetism in an exceedingly (iron or steel) part of magnetic substantial located close to it while not actual physical contact is termed magnetic induction.
iv) A standard bit of magnetic material once brought regarding any pole N or S gets attracted in the direction of the pole. however if another magnet is carried close to the magnet specified 2 like poles ('N' and 'N' or 'S' and 'S'), it shows a repulsion in the middle of them whereas if 2 not like poles are carried close to, it shows a force of attraction.


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