Sep 13, 2014

Magnetic effect of an electrical Current (Electromagnets)

While a coil or a conductor transmits a current, it creates the magnetic flux all over the place it. Then it starts acting as a magnet. Such a current carrying coil or conductor is named as electromagnet. This is often as a result of magnetic impact of an electrical current.

If such a coil is curled around a bit of magnetic material like iron or steel and transmits current then piece of material around that the coil is curled, starts behaving as a magnet, that is named as an electro magnet.

The flux made and also the denseness will be controlled by dominant the magnitude the current.

The direction and form of the magnetic field round the coil or conductor hinge on the direction of current and form of the conductor through that it's passing. The magnetic field made will be experienced about with the assistance of iron fillings or compass needle.
There are 2 differing kinds of electromagnets,
  • Electromagnet due to straight current carrying conductor and
  • Electromagnet due to circular current carrying coil,
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