Sep 5, 2014

Relation between Torque and Power

Torque and Power
Think through a pulley of radius (R) and force (F) is applied as shown in the Fig.
then,               torque   T = F x R     Nm
Let speed of pulley is N revolutions per minute. Now work done in one revolution is force into distance travelled in one revolution.
d = distance travelled in 1 revolution
d = 2πR
W = work done in 1 revolution
W = F x d
              = 2 π R F J
The time required for a revolution can be obtained from speed N r.p.m.
t = time for a revolution 
t = (60/N) sec
Now     Power (P) = W/t
              P  = (2 π R F) / (60/N)
Rewrite as    P  = [(2 π N)/60] X [FxR]    
             P  = T x ω
torque  T = (F x R) in Nm
angular velocity ω =[(2 π N)/60] in rad/sec.
The relation P = T x ω is very important in evaluating numerous mechanical system.


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