Oct 10, 2014

Lenz’s Law in Electromagnetic Induction

This rule is predicated on the principles derived by German man of science Heinrich Lenz.

The Lenz’s law states that, 'The direction of an induced e.m.f. created by the electromagnetic induction is such it sets up a current that forever opposes the cause that is responsible for causing the e.m.f.' .

In short the evoked e.m.f. forever opposes the cause producing it, that is delineated by a negative sign, mathematically in its expression.

The explanation will be given as below:
Consider a coil as shown within the Fig. Let a magnet is moved towards coil such N-pole of magnet is facing a coil which is able to flow into this through the coil.

 Lenz's Law
Affording to Lenz’s Law, the direction of current due to evoked e.m.f. is therefore on opposing the cause. The cause is motion of magnet towards coil. So e.m.f can found out a current through coil in such the way that the top of coil facing magnet can become N-pole. Thus 2 like poles can face one another experiencing force of repulsion that is opposite to the motion of bar magnet as shown within the Fig.
Rule of Lenz's Law 
If an equivalent magnet is moved far from the coil, then evoked e.m.f can found out a current within the direction which is able to cause, the top of coil facing magnet to behave as S-pole. Due to this 2 not like poles face one another and there'll be force of attraction that is direction of magnet, far from the coil. The galvanometer shows deflection in different direction as shown within the Fig.
The Lenz's law will be summarized as,
flow chart of lenz law


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