Nov 4, 2014

Statically Induced EMF in Magnetic Circuit

Statically Induced EMF in Magnetic circuitThe variation in flux lines with reference to coil is attained lacking physically moving the coil or the electromagnet. Such convinced e.m.f in the coil that is without physical measure of coil or a magnet is named statically induced electromotive force.


To have an induced e.m.f. there should be variation in flux related to a coil. Such a variation in flux is accomplished with none physical movement by decreasing and increasing the current creating the flux apace, with time.

Consider a magnet that is creating the mandatory flux for creating e.m.f. Now let current through the coil of magnet be an alternating one. Such AC means that it changes its magnitude sporadically with time. This produces the flux that is additionally alternating i.e. dynamic with time. Therefore there exists dф/dt related to coil placed within the vicinity of magnet. This is often accountable for making an e.m.f. within the coil. This is often referred to as statically induced e.m.f.

Such an induced e.m.f is discovered just in case of a tool referred to as power transformer.

Note: Due to alternating flux linking with the coil itself, the e.m.f gets evoked in this coil itself that carries an AC.

The statically induced e.m.f. is more classified as:


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