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A schematic diagram of an ideal voltage source, V, driving a resistor, R, and creating a current I.
An electric current could be a flow of electrical charge. Electrical  phenemenon flows once there's voltage gift across a conductor. In electrical circuits current charge is commonly carried by moving electrons in an exceedingly wire. It may be carried by ions in A solution, or by each ions and electrons like in an exceedingly plasma. 

The SI unit for measure an electrical current is that the ampere, which is that the flow of electrical charges through a surface at the speed of 1 coulomb per second. Electrical phenomenon is measured using an ammeter. 

Electric currents cause several effects, notably heating, however conjointly induce magnetic fieldss, that are wide used for motors, inductors and generators.

The conventional image for current is, that originates from the French phrase intensite DE courant, or in English current intensity. This phrase is often used once discussing the worth of an electrical current, however fashionable observe usually shortens this to easily current.

Ohm's law

Ohm's law conditions that the present through a conductor between 2 nodes (points) is directly proportional to the electrical phenomenon across the 2 points. Introducing the constant of quotient, the resistance, one arrives at the standard mathematical equation that describes this relationship:


Where I is that the current through the conductor in unit of amperes, V is that the potential drop measured across the conductor in unit of volts, and R is that the resistance of the conductor in unit of ohms. A lot specifically, law states that the R during this relation is constant, freelance of the present.
In generally current can be classified into two types. They are 

1. Alternating Current (AC)
2. Direct Current (DC)

Direct current

Direct current (DC) is that the current flow of electric charge. Electrical energy is made by sources like batteries, thermo couples, star cells, and commutator – type electrical machines of the generator kind. Electrical energy could flow during a conductor like a wire, however may also flow through semiconductors, insulators, or maybe through a vacuum as in negatron or particle beams. The electrical charge flows during a constant direction, distinctive it from electrical energy (AC). A term erstwhile used for electrical energy was galvanic current.

Alternating current

In electrical energy (AC, also ac), the movement of electrical charge sporadically reverses direction. In electrical energy (DC, also dc), the flow of electrical charge is simply in one direction.

AC is that the kind within which wattage is delivered to businesses and residences. The same old wave form of associate AC power circuit may be a wave. In bound applications, totally different waveform area unit used, like triangular or square waves. Audio and radio signals carried on electrical wires are samples of electrical energy. In these applications, a crucial goal is usually the recovery of knowledge encoded (or modulated) onto the AC signal.


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