Apr 24, 2014

Magnetic Flux / Magnetic Flux Density


Magnetic flux

As soon as a magnetic substantial is brought nearer to at least one magnet, there'll be an attraction force, performing on the magnetic substantial by the magnet. Similarly, once a magnetic pole is placed within a flux, it'll be repulsed or attracted relying upon the character of the pole. These effects are patented owing to the presence of magnetic flux within the magnetic field.

The unit of flux is that the Weber (Wb). The unit was so-called in honor of German scientist Max Weber. Once a unit magnetic pole is placed within a magnetic field, it'll expertise each repulsive and attraction, from related and opposite poles of the magnet, severally. The part pole travels owing to subsequent of the repulsive and attraction. The trail through that the unit pole travels within the flux is referred as magnetic lines of force. There are numbers of magnetic lines of force in an exceedingly flux, and these lines of force are put together known as magnetic flux.

Definition of Magnetic flux Density

"Magnetic flux crossing a unit space perpendicularly is outlined as magnetic flux density". The volume of flux crosses a unit area perpendicularly, in a magnetic field is thought as magnetic flux density. Hence, the unit flux density would be expressed as WB/m2. This unit of flux density is known as “Tesla” once the name of famed American scientist Nikola Telsa, an electrical engineer. Hence, Tesla = Weber/Meter2. Indeed, this can be the approach within which it's calculated: the value of flux should be divided by the acceptable area. The symbols of flux density and magnetic flux are B and ψ severally.

Therefore, Magnetic flux density is:
Where, A is the area measured perpendicular to the flux lines.


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