Sep 11, 2014

Magnetic Field

 Magnetic Field
We have understood in the previous post that magnet has its influence on the encircling medium. The section around a magnet among that the guidance of the magnet may be experienced is termed Magnetic field. Being of such magnetic field may be experienced with the assistance of compass needle, iron or items of metals or by conveyance another magnet in neighborhood of a magnet.

Magnetic Lines of force

The field of magnet is delineated by notional lines around it that are referred to as magnetic lines of force. Note that these lines haven't any physical existence; these are strictly notional and were introduced by Michael Faraday to urge the visualization of distribution of such lines of force.

Direction of field

The direction of magnetic field may be obtained by conducting tiny experiment. Let us place a permanent magnet on table and canopy it with a sheet of cardboard. Sprinkle steel or iron fillings uniformly over the sheet. Slight sound of cardboard causes fillings to regulate themselves in an exceedingly explicit pattern as shown within the Fig.

The form of this design makes an image of the magnetic field present around a magnet.

A line of force may be outlined as,

Think through the Isolated N pole and it's allowed to maneuver freely, in an exceedingly field. Then path on that it moves is termed line of force. Its form is as shown within the Fig and direction continuously from N-pole towards S-pole.
 Compass Needle Experiment
The direction of lines of force will be understood with the assistance of tiny compass needle. If magnet is placed with compass needles around it, then needles can lake positions as shown within the Fig. The tangent drawn at any point, of the dotted curve shown, provides direction of resulting force at that point. The N poles are all pointing on the dotted line shown, from N- pole to its S-pole.
The lines of force for a magnet and U-formed magnet are shown within the Fig. 
Bar Magnet
Attraction flanked by the not like poles and repulsion between the likes of poles of 2 magnets may be simply understood from the direction of magnetic lines of force. 'This is shown within the Fig.


Properties of Lines of Force

Though the lines of force are notional, with the assistance of them varied magnetic effects may be explained terribly handily. Let us see the assorted properties of those lines of force.
Properties of lines of force
  • Lines of force are continuously originating on a N-pole and terminating on a S-pole, external to the magnet. 
  • Every line forms a closed loop as shown in the Fig. Lines of force ne'er encounter one another.
  • The lines of force are like stretched rubber bands and continuously attempt to consent length. 
  • The lines of force, which are parallel and motion within the same direction, repel one another. 
  • Magnetic lines of force continuously like a path giving least opposition.


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