Dec 15, 2014

Principle of Electronics

Current conduction through semiconductorThe subject which deals with the current conduction through a semiconductor or vaccum or gas is called as electronics. The word electronics derives its name from electron present in all materials.

It is fundamentally deals with electronic devices and its utilization. The current flows through a semiconductor or gas or vaccum is said be an electronic device. Such devices have treasured belongings which allow them to role and perform as the friend of man today.

Importance: Due to numerous applications in the world electronics has extended much importance. The following functions are able to performing with an electronics device:


It is nothing but a conversion of AC to DC. With the help of electronics device we can convert AC power to DC Power with high efficiency. This DC supply can be used to supply the field winding in DC Generators, electroplating, charging storage batteries, etc.

Amplification Process:

It is the process of boosting weak signal to good signal is called as amplification. An electronic device can get done the job of strengthening and so act as amplifier. In many ways the amplifiers are used. For example a weak signal is amplified in the radio set, so that we can hear the sound loudly and clearly without any noise. Likewise amplifiers are used in Television, PAS (public address System) and much more.


Electronic devices treasure trove wide-ranging of applications in automatic control. For example to control the speed of a motor, Source voltage across a refrigerator etc. can be automatically controlled with the aid of such electronic devices.


Inverter signal
DC power to AC power can be converted with any frequency by using the electronic device and it is said be as an oscillatory function. Oscillator is also used in many of the applications. For example electronic high frequency heating is used for annealing and hardening.

Transformation of Light into Electricity:

The conversion of Light energy into electric energy with the use an electronic device is known as photo electricity. The application of Photo devices is burglar alarms, sound recording on motion pictures etc.


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