Aug 16, 2013

Power Quality - Definition of Transients

The term transient has long been utilized in the Associate in examination of power system disparities to denote an event that’s undesirable and fleeting in natural surroundings. The idea of a damped periodical transient due to RLC network is most likely what maximum power engineers deliberate about after they hear the word transient.

Another explanations in common usage are wide in scope and merely conditions that a transient is “that a part of the modification in a very variable that disappears throughout transition from each steady state operational conditional condition to a different”. Inappropriately, this definition might be accustomed describe on the subject of something uncommon that occurs on the power system.

An additional word in common use that's usually thought-about identical with transient is surge. A utility engineer might think about a surge because the transient ensuing from a lightning stroke that a surge constraint is employed for defense. Finish users oft use the word indiscriminately to describe something uncommon which may be discovered on the facility offer starting from dip to swells to disruptions. As results of there are several potential uncertainties with this word within the power quality field, we’ll typically avoid mistreatment it unless we've specifically outlined what it states to.
Broadly talking, transients will be classified into two classes, impulsive and periodical. These terms mirror the wave shape of a current or else voltage transient.


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